All Change

We are witnessing large companies closing down, high street store closing, small and medium size companies shutting down. More and more people around me are being furloughed, losing their jobs and being made redundant.

The government has announced that the unemployment rate is now at 2 million. It’s a pretty scary time for us all especially as we do not know what lies ahead… If only we could have a crystal ball.

I was made redundant on three occasions and each time I experienced fear, anxiety, anger, frustration and stagnation. I couldn’t imagine what my future would be like, the fear of the unknown would give me palpitations and sleepless nights. Going through that on three occasions was no easier the third time round as the first, however, by the third time I began to look within and asked myself some questions which I had never thought of before. Questions like, ‘Who am I?’ ‘What do I enjoy?’ ‘What skills do I have?’ and ‘What do I want to do?’ ‘What makes ME happy? You see, each time I was made redundant, after getting over the initial shock and asking myself ‘why me again’ and feeling sorry for myself, I would then just go on to the next job without stopping to think, is this what I really want to do.

We are brought up in a culture where we a taught we must ‘have a job’. We are taught to work and live a mediocre life; we thank our lucky stars for the job and don’t question ourselves or take the time to reflect and establish if we are fulfilling our true purpose. We keep on going, even though we hate the work we are doing, hate the thought of having to go to work, especially on Mondays, but we do it anyway believing our lives depends on it.

We go through life not finding out who we really are. We work all our life in a meaningless job which can impact on our health.

In today’s world, the days where we can work for the same employer for 40 years, 40 hours per week and get a golden hand shake are gone. Gone are the days when you could walk into a bank or even a store and see cashiers waiting to talk to you. Gone are the days when you could phone a company and speak to someone. Those days are gone alone with the jobs that someone use to do. The possibility of walking into another job so easily are gone.

When I was made redundant the third time, it was as if I was being given a message which I had to stop and listen to. Three time? I needed to listen. So, I did. I went on programme of self-discovery to find ME. I took the time to reflect on my life to date to discover ME. I realized that I thoroughly enjoyed working with people, I love serving people and enabling people to achieve their outcomes. It gives me a ‘feel good buzzing’ feeling in my stomach when I see people that I have worked with become successful.

I stumbled on coaching and realized it was a perfect fit for me. it is exactly what I wanted to do and it feel ‘right’.

If you are finding yourself in the same position that I was in and not sure what to do next, contact me, let’s have a chat.

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